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Trans-dimensional Evolution

Monday 30th May 2011 | 1:13 PM

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"Trans-Dimensional Evolution" Introduces Scientific Disproof Of Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

In a book that is the first of its kind, the author argues that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is incorrect.

(NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA) - Author Norman Christopher Vallejo today announced the release of "Trans-dimensional Evolution" (ISBN #9781742840208), a formal scientific disproof of Darwin's Theory of Evolution written in a fashion that is easy to digest and sure to provoke debate.

Using Mathematical Linear Continuity with supporting evidence from Quantum Physics, the book shows the impossibility of Darwin's theory in a practical manner.

While the basic concept to the theory can be illustrated in just one diagram, Trans-dimensional Evolution comes packed with over 90 easy to read diagrams and over 80 references to physics and science texts and journals.

"Given my general analysis capabilities, Trans-Dimensional Evolution was a natural culmination of several areas in which I was conducting research. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the correct model for how reality manifests using scientific evidence and mathematical analysis," says Norman Christopher Vallejo.

In a passage, the author writes: "Given the physical world has to have finite components however, finite component means identifiable division and definable division dictates instantaneous actualisation of some description on a boundary i.e. in zero time or space. Fundamentally then, change can only reside higher dimensionally. At some point there eventually has to be a cut-off from "what was" to "what is" and the idea of infinite subdivision is flawed reasoning when used to describe this as a continuous process. It should be obvious by now then that physical continuity cannot realise finite reality, only physical discontinuity can. To be clear about the rudiments of change, we should also acknowledge that this is not a mathematical problem. The equations and formulations used in physics and mathematics are predominately time-dependent. They use discrete values of time to produce discrete output. The area of study here however is instances, and what sits between them. Concerning this, we are challenged to answer the following question: How can a time-dependent equation show change? The answer cannot. Change only appears to occur macroscopically across the instances time dependent equation produces but microscopically, it actually occurs between them. It really is a simple matter of understanding that no matter of effort on Earth will ever be able to provide a physical representation of change. It is impossible."

Norman Christopher Vallejo was born in Australia in 1969. He is a qualified Computer Programmer and Sound Engineer who holds an objective approach to science emphasising Definition, Clarity and Rudiments. He holds a Diploma in Software/Systems Development at Distinction level and is a master Painter and Decorator. In 2010 he was awarded the TAFE Medal of NSW State 1st in Software Development 2009.

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