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Roulette - A Winning Strategy

Monday 2nd July 2012 | 12:35 PM

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"Roulette - A Winning Strategy" proves winning is possible; Mathematician Unveils How in New Book

Roulette prodigy unveils the winning strategy that has consistently provided Dr. Blakey with remarkable and astounding financial results for over 40 years.

(MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA)- Should casinos be genuinely worried?

Mathematician and writer Martin Blakey today announced the release of the highly anticipated Roulette - A Winning Strategy, an informative yet light-hearted and entertaining read which is a must-have for any roulette enthusiast.

Moving away from the traditional roulette theories of probability, the book deep dives in a strategy known as the Chaos Theory (also known as Cluster Theory) and illustrates how it is possible to win playing roulette over time by applying self-discipline and if you are satisfied to win relative small amounts at a time.

The strategy deviates from traditional ‘get-rich-quick' gambling books - instead offering a way to gain consistent, smaller returns to produce ‘hidden' high-rollers.

"My strategy can be played by one person in any casino in the world without previous research or preparation. A roulette player can simply start to play immediately. As ambassadors of the Chaos Theory will vouch, even though a system may be chaotic, random and never repeat, patterns do form and as such can be harnessed and used as predictable,"

says Martin Blakey Also dubbed the ‘MB Strategy', Martin Blakey has applied it to his playing with little variation for 40 years with stable returns. Actually, the author has not been formally employed since 1971 and has lived off roulette winnings.

In his own words from the book: "The conclusion of 40 years research might yet be rewarded, and for a humble mathematician the greatest reward is to maybe contribute something of value that others may share".

"Although consecutive roulette outcomes appear ‘chaotic' or totally random and unconnected they actually contain patterns that have interconnected deterministic order. This sentence would appear to be a contradiction since ‘interconnected deterministic order' implies nonrandom.

However I point out that these consecutive roulette outcomes are never the same and do never repeat but may have a pattern and in this sense is predictable." "What mathematical ability is necessary to play the MB Strategy? Fluency with multiplication tables up to 12 times, ability to add and subtract to 100 and able to do the calculations within the time between spins. The MB Strategy can be played by one person in any casino in the world without previous research or preparation. A roulette player can simply start to play immediately."

Martin Blakey was born in Leeds, Yorkshire UK in 1937 and moved to Australia in 1948. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Trinity College. He is broadly considered one of the most knowledgeable individuals on roulette in Australia. The Australian government authorities have consulted his expertise in numerous Roulette related investigations, and he is frequently featured in Australian media. He is a member of the ultraexclusive Mahogany Room at Crown Casino.

He is also the author of several secondary school mathematics books used throughout Victoria in the 1960's and 1970's

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Other Publications by the author:

Integrated Mathematics Book 4

Richardson - Lowe - Nelson - Collins - Blakey

Modified Mathematics - A Two-Year Course for Middle Schools

Martin Blakey

Cassell Australia Ltd 1968 SBN 304.93994.3

Computer Mathematics - A Complete Course For Secondary Schools

Blakey - Douglas

Lloyd O'Neil 1972 SBN 8550 032 8

Modified Mathematics Work Book

Martin Blakey

Cassell Australia Ltd 1973 SBN 304.93939.0

Informatics - An introduction to Basic Computer Studies & Data


Walsh - Goffin - Blakey - Douglas

Lloyd O'Neil 1978 ISBN 0 8550 337 8

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